ViewMyPaycheck allows the employees to verify their own paycheck info and lets the employers to upload their employees paycheck details. There is no more printing and mailing pay stubs for every pay day or replacing lost or damaged pay stubs. If you're a registered employee, you can simply log into the account and view any current or prior pay stubs.

Once you've entered into your account, you can get a glimpse of paycheck details included paycheck date, net pay, total earnings, taxes, pre-tax deductions, available time-off, year-to-date income summary, and most recent payments. Based on your designation in the organization, you can click on available links to view the paychecks forms. There is an availability of links for employers, employees, and accountants.

Instructions to Log Into the ViewMyPayCheck for Employees

ViewMyPayCheck intuit is an online service through which you can view your pay stubs and other payroll info. View MyPay Check, you will need an Intuit account. If you've already use any of the Intuit product, you can easily check out the intuit payroll info by using this account. You're required to have the social security number and net pay from the last paycheck records. To do this,
  • You need to open a web browser and go to online website
  • After that, click on sign up button to enter into the website. 
  • You can enter an email address. If you get a message to this email that you've already an account which is associated with user ID then click on sign in. You can sign into the existing account for viewing paycheck information. 
  • When you sign into ViewMyPayCheck, you can create and confirm a password. 
  • You can pick a security question which may helpful for you if in the case of you would have forgotten password and user ID. 
  • Later on, click on sign up button. 
  • You can provide input details like social security number and net pay from the last paycheck. 

You can get the benefits from the use of View My PayCheck as an employee of your organization such as: 

  • It allows you to check out your current and year-to-date earnings and deductions so you can always up to date with the intuit paycheck records info and where your money is going. 
  • You can take a print copy of your pay stub whenever you want by clicking on save as PDF button. 
  • If you want to be notified whenever there is any changes to paycheckrecords info, you can opt for send me an email when new paystubs are available.

Employee Paychecks

If you're an employee at View My PayCheck, you can sign up and get online access to your paychecks easily. You can contact with your employer to check out the paychecks online. Through this online platform, you can view your most recent and any prior intuit paycheck that your employer uploads on ViewMyPayCheck. 

How to Sign-Up for ViewMyPayCheck Account

Before signing up into the account at ViewMyPayCheck, you can check with your employer to know if the service is available for your company. Once you confirmed that your company is eligible to get the services from intuit View My PayCheck, you can verify the intuit paycheck info very easily without any hassles. 

For that, you should make sure that you have your own Social Security Number handy and the net amount of your last intuit paycheck issued by the company. This information is helpful for the organization to match who you're and verify you with the correct details to provide you paycheck data online. To get into the sign-up process, you're required to go to the online website and click on sign up button to proceed further. 

Once you click on signup button, you will be asked to provide the essential credentials such as email address, a password, a security question, and answer in case you want to recover the password. Accordingly, you can signup for intuitive account and it lets you to check out the multiple sites and products with the single user id and password. Here, you need to make a note that if you've already an account or use an intuitive product like TurboTax, that means you're having an intuitive account. If you already have one account, you will be prompted to use that account to access the paychecks through ViewMyPayCheck. 

In the final step, you can enter SSN number and the net pay amount from your last paycheck issued by the company and click on all done button in order to view the paychecks online. If you're trying for first time to sign up the process, you can explore the sample account which has been provided by the organization for you. For example, if you've worked for more than one company and want to check out the paychecks for those worked companies, you can easily check out them by setting up the companies on intuit View My PayCheck. Before adding another company, you must ensure that you've your Social Security Number and the net amount of your last paycheck which is issued by your company. 

Add Another Company

To add another company on ViewMyPayCheck online website, you're required to click on drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the home page and choose to view my paychecks from another company option once you've logged into the web page. After that, you can enter the SSN number and net pay amount from your last paycheck recognized by the company. Once you've added another company to the list, you can sign into the ViewMyPayCheck intuit with one user id and password and then use the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the home page in order to switch between the companies for viewing the intuit paychecks online. Specifically, it works best for different web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari with latest versions. 

Set Up Email Notifications

If you want to get email notifications when any new pay stub is added in ViewMyPayCheck, you can follow some steps such as:
  • You can sign into the account on online through the website initially to get notifications. 
  • In the next step, click on preferences button on the web page. 
  • To confirm the email notification, you can click on the checkbox which says send me an email when new pay stubs are available. 

Once it is activated, you will get an email notification next time when your employer made changes or uploads your paycheck info to ViewMyPayCheck. You can check with your employer about W-2 availability in ViewMyPayCheck. If you've any questions or issues, you can check out the questions on online website. The questions may include about paycheck, how it's calculated, or when the money is deposited to your bank account, and what shows up on the paychecks or stubs. 

Employer or intuit Payroll Administrator

Employers can access the View My PayCheck either through the QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks Online Payroll. 

How it Works on QuickBooks for Windows Employers

If you've turned on ViewMyPayCheck for your company, you can simply run your intuit payroll in QuickBooks and upload the paycheck information to Intuit. Accordingly, your employees can able to check out the payroll information online and can view their current paycheck updated data easily as well as any prior paychecks uploaded by their employer. 

If you've QuickBooks 2012 or later, you can check out the payroll login updates by installing latest maintenance release. Once you'd done this, you will have the option to turning on ViewMyPayCheck. 

How to Switch Onto ViewMyPayCheck for Your Company

In order to turn on ViewMyPayCheck for your company, you should make sure that you're using QuickBooks for Windows 2013 and have installed the latest release and the latest payroll updates. After that, you can choose employees and manage payroll cloud services. If you don't view the payroll cloud services option, that means you don't have the latest payroll updates installed. 

By clicking on the payroll cloud services window, you're required to click on the checkbox which says ViewMyPayCheck. Later on, you can create a PIN which can be used to send payroll data. Finally, click on save changes button and click to return to QuickBooks to confirm the turning on intuit View My PayCheck for your company. Next time, you can upload your paycheck info to Intuit paycheck when you run payroll. However, you should upload the paycheck information before employees accessing the paychecks. 

How to Add Another ViewMyPayCheck Administrator

If you're the Payroll administrator for QuickBooks and want to add another ViewMyPayCheck Administrator to it, you're required to sync your QuickBooks company with Intuit cloud services and connect to the services. For that, you need to follow below steps such as:
  • At initial phase, you need to sign into the QuickBooks company as an admin. 
  • Once you've entered as an admin, you can click on manage intuit payroll cloud services under employees section. 
  • Again, in the payroll cloud services button, you make sure that check out the View My Pay Check option is chosen and click on manage the ViewMyPayCheck admins. 
  • In the QuickBooks payroll login window, you need to enter the same Intuit account ID and password which you've been used to sync the QuickBooks company and click on sign in button. 
  • Under manage the users web page, you can click on invite others button which lets you to add another administrator. 
  • After that, you can enter the details like email address, first and last name of the person whom you want to invite. 
  • Finally, you can click on send button and close the confirmation window. 

Once your invitation has been accepted by the new administrator, he or she will be able to access the services of ViewMyPayCheck and view all the employee paychecks that have been uploaded and manage the employee preferences. 

How to Setup intuit View My PayCheck for Employees

In the primary stage, you're required to sign up for ViewMyPayCheck and then run a payroll login and send paychecks to Intuit. In order to sign up and use ViewMyPayCheck intuit by your employees, you can send employee instructions. 

Get Paychecks Records from QuickBooks to ViewMyPayCheck

Once you've signed into the View My PayCheck on behalf of your company, you can find a couple of ways to get paychecks from QuickBooks to ViewMyPayCheck. After every payroll or historical paychecks or upload prior, you can send paychecks information. 

How to Upload Paychecks After Every intuit Payroll

Every time you're running a payroll, you can upload your payroll info to Intuit. Additionally, you can also upload payroll information through prior intuit payrolls which is called as historical paychecks. It's recommend that uploading intuit paychecks for the current calendar year and in batches of 100-200 paychecks at a time in order to prevent the errors. To do this, you're required to follow some steps such as:
  • If you're sending paychecks for the first time to ViewMyPayCheck, you should make sure that send a zero payroll or send a scheduled or pending payroll to Intuit. If you've pending historical payroll, you must remember that must not upload historical paychecks in order to restrict the upload errors. 
  • For uploading paychecks information, you can select file, print, and print paystubs. 
  • You can pick out the date range that you want to include in the upload under checks dated fields. 
  • You should make sure that the checks appear and they should be selected in the paycheck list. 
  • In conclusion, click on send online button to send paychecks records information. 
  • You can click on send all button and provide your payroll pin in the send or receive data window. 


If you're an accountant at your organization which is registered under ViewMyPayCheck online service, you can simply run payroll in QuickBooks and then upload the paycheck information to Intuit. The clients who're using the new version of QuickBooks or QuickBooks for 2012 or later can able to use the View My PayCheck online website very easily. The QuickBooks for Windows clients will require to install the latest maintenance release and payroll updates. You can use same user ID and password to manage the multiple companies in a single View My Pay Check application. If you're already setup an account as a payroll administrator, it lets you to manage and set up each company for ViewMyPayCheck, sign in, and use the company in the drop-down menu to switch between multiple accounts. 

Employers Online Payroll

If your customers using the version of QuickBooks online payroll, they can avail to get the services of ViewMyPayCheck for their employees. As an employer of your organization, if you've the new version of QuickBooks online payroll login and have run a intuit payroll, your employees can able to sign up and access the paycheck info online by default. In this case, you can't restrict the use of paychecks info through the sign up on ViewMyPayCheck.